Commercial Services

360° Virtual Tours

Get more digital traffic to your business by letting customers explore your location before visiting

Our custom 360° virtual tour is compatible with popular virtual reality headsets and viewers

Tours can be branded to match your business, embedded on your website, we provide competitive hosting for tours, and more

Google Street View

Many customers are searching Google Maps before leaving their houses, help them find you with a professional quality Google Street View

Our google street view service can be combined with our custom 360° virtual tour at a discount or purchased as a stand alone service 

We provide competitive hosting for Google Street Views

Still Photography

All of our photos are HDR bracketed professional quality photos to best represent your property

All standard photos include:

  • Basic color and lighting photo editing
  • Virtual blue skies if the weather decides not to cooperate

Photo Editing

We’re able to edit photos to best advertise your property even if you don’t use our photos. Some example edits available:

  • Virtual Staging/ Decluttering
  • Virtual Snow Removal
  • Virtual Twilight Exterior Edits


Floorplan renderings can be used for a myriad of different business purposes such as fire escape maps, service schedules, and more. We offer:

  • A 2D black and white floorplans or upgrade to a 3D dollhouse style plan
  • 3 free revisions in case you catch something we missed

360° Virtual Tours

See examples of our 3 virtual tour options below

custom 360° virtual tour

Expand to full screen or use with any major VR headset for a fully immersive experience.

ADVERTISe your Business WITH A

Tours can be embedded on websites, have links shared on social media, and have custom branding added throughout.

Photo Services

All photo packages include:

  • Professional quality HDR photos with basic lighting and color editing to include blue skies no matter the weather – guaranteed! 
  •  We can take care of all of your business photography needs such as team photos, headshots, product shots, in addition to the interior and exterior photos
  • We can perform a variety of photo editing services as well, just let us know what you’re looking for
coffee shop, indoors, cafe

Virtual Twilight

Sample Day Time PhotoSample Virtual Twilight Photo

Virtual Staging/decluttering

Virtual Staging Living Room sample1Virtual Staging Living Room sample1b

Virtual Snow removal

virtual snow removal sample 1avirtual snow removal sample 1b

There are many applications for these specialized photo edits such as: removing parked vehicles from blocking the view of store fronts, perhaps you’re property is mid-construction or renovation and you’re looking for a finished rendering, etc.

We can edit photos you provide us even if you do not use our photographer services.

Don’t see what you need on this list? Shoot us a message and we will let you know if we can providing the editing service you are looking for.

Floor Plans

2D Black & White Examples

  • 2D Floorplans are available as stand alone service
  • 3D dollhouse floorplan require the purchase of a North Star RES custom 360° virtual tour
  • 3D dollhouse floorplans can have button icons added to rooms that will redirect buyers to that room’s corresponding 360° photo within the virtual tour. This is especially helpful when a floorplan will be used as an interactive map
  • Our standard floorplan services are suited for spaces up to 10,000sqft

3D Dollhouse Styled examples